Ear Protection

Peltor Tactical Sport
  Electronic ear defenders with built in low level sound enhancment and high level...more>>
Model Status Price  
Peltor Tactical Sport Out of Stock £155
Peltor Ultimate 10
Peltor Ultimate 10 ear defenders with dual wall for maximum attenuation are rated at 30...more>>
Model Status Price  
Ultimate 10 Sorry out of stock £30.00
Peltor Bull’s Eye 9
Peltors popular Bull’s Eye 9 eye defenders with its exclusive liquid/foam ear pro...more>>
Model Status Price  
Bull's Eye 9 In Stock £28.00
Peltor Shotgunner
  Peltor Ear defenders with adjustable head band and folding capability. Available...more>>
Model Status Price  
Peltor Shotgunner Out of Stock £22.00
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